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Friday, December 24, 2010

the happy endinggg ;)

finally im proud to say byee byee dear SPM.
no more school attires :D
but im gonna miss my friends soooo much.
the times where we use to play truant, eat together at the canteen and of course bergossip-ing, haha ;)
suddenly i feel like crying pulak,
cehh ber-drama pulak kau hazirah teh disini. haha ;)

anyway, school's life was great but,
let me say helloooooooo to college world.
more freedom and boleh pergi club kan?
haha :DD
tiada lagi stay up till 2-3am doing homeworks for this upcoming 3 months.
but kdang2 risau pule when thinking about the results -,-
ahh lantak laaa kau.
yg penting aku dah berusaha right?

now suda freeee like 24/7.
kerja tetap - main game on fb.
jgn tnya brape bnyk aku main.
like a-tans of game i played -_____-
otw amek lesen and let me brag you all about this.
tgh nk practical 8 hours for P motorcycle,
ya ALLAH, hitam and panas aku.
tak payah nk pergi sunway for a swim.
dkat cott institute pun boleh dpt sunburn =='

now i can freely update my post everyday so u guys won't miss me much perhaps?
cehh perasan popular betul, heee.
till then goodbye you guys :)

p/s: sumpah jantung thrill naik ni :D

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