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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

merely wishes -,-


1.hilmi razali tops(at least 10) :D
3.cepat2 dpt driving license.
4.makeover bedroom
5.taller more than 161cm ;)
6.baskin robbins ice cream. yummmy :)
7.going for another vacation.
8.9A+ for spm.
9.tggu hana ajar ber-baking.
10.nk swim suit baru.
11.N8 pls? and accessories
13.dior mascara :D
14.more prosperity beef burger -_____-

will anyone make it to become true?
i need to wish on my lucky stars then for it -,-

suddenly attracted to this article while i was browsing, haha ;)


hAnA said...

over ....wishlist nye:)
prosprity burger tu senang la nk dapat?
tinggi?huh..sengayut la
N8 nak??...tunggu wet sendiri...

intro said...

haha, tlg lah make at least some of it to be true.
anda akan mndpt balasan baik. hihi ;)