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Monday, January 3, 2011

say helloooo to 2011 :D

assalamualaikum and afternoon you all.
ahhhh, i miss you guys. cett ;)
officially i can say bye bye 2010 although it sounds rather quite sad -___-
but time do flies quickly.
and here i am, still panting, waiting for my 9A+.
wahhh, semangat btol.
well like people said, aim for the sky right? :D

so, now every day i had to think.
what to do? what to do hazirah teh?
nak pergi sekolah dah tak boleh.
nak keluar duit takde.
nak kerja malas and mndpt halangan. haish, susahnye -,-
another 3 months, adohhh.

the best solution-pergi amek driving licence and keep on paksa nk kerja :)
so brilliant of me kan kan? haha ;)
grrr, like 24/7 asyik nak online.
dkat rumah asyik buat-house chores, reading shin chan,texting hilmi razali, and dreaming of something good to happen? ohhhh wtf!
never the less, back on the subject above matter. (mcm surat rasmi pulak :D)


hoi penat buat benda haram atas ni hah, hihi ;)
but anyway i mean it from the bottom bottom of my tiny heart.
and don't forget.
pergi mcdonald and have a prosperity beef burger with your loved ones.
haish, mana sampai aku mencarut ni??? haha ;D
well, bye bye.
thanks for focusing on my blabberings :D

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