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Saturday, January 15, 2011

which and where?

im having trouble in completing my upu fasa 2.
it seems that none of the courses really buys me.
im looking forward to apply for overseas university.
yes, im proudly to say that im reaaaaaLly interested in ONLY one course.


WOW and wow!
that's i've been hearing from my cousins and aunt.
they supported me.
siap my acu cakap lagi,
"kalau pergi overseas bagus laa, nanti kteorg pergi lawat boleh cuti2 malaysia skali"
amboi korg yg lebih =,=

the only thing is,
macam mana nak apply ni?
i was like ???????
what the double F!@#^ how to apply ni????
tak paham gila -_____-
the qualifications needed and etc.
boleh tak kalau bayar je then ttup crita?
yes i nees someone yg pakar to help me pls pls.
i beggged you to come forward my darling angel to help me on this thing.

thank you =='

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