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Monday, February 7, 2011

CNY awesomeness? :D

ehem, ehem.
well dah ber-habuk tak update blog ni.
did you guys miss me? (berlagak artist kjp) haha ;)
sorry laa, my hands are all tied up.
im a busy-so-called woman managing my own busi-wacks!

back to the subject atas tu hah.
aiyaaa forget to wish lorh.
haha, and have a prosperous year to you guys.
although some tak menyambutnye.
but we as malaysia united we stand!
erh, mana aku mencarut dah ni? -____-

this year,
em...em... boleh laa 'angpau' tu -,-
like my lovely grandma said,
"important about CNY is to be with family and friends" -cantonese version which i can't translate into english words, soorrry -_____-

as usual,
giving teas to elder people, wishing there and here,
and not to be forgotten-the red envelope :D
well, that's the most exciting part i guess.
and not so much picture laa that smpat di-captured.
pluss aku malas pegang camera -___-
so i just curik it from my mom's phone.

ahh and lupa nak story juga.
korang tahu kan the 'yee sang' thingy?
alaaa, benda yg slalu chinese makan yg kena main lambung2 gaul tu?
haha, well.
we ate them 3 times this year.
i hope this year will bring more goodluck ohhh.
bunny hunny chunny rules this year. (being pathetic like always :D)

erh, thats it okay?
sbb ade org ckap aku bnyak ckp.
dea suruh aku kurangkan -____-
well. bye bye. love you :D

CNY morning meal

prawns that i can't eat -,-'

yummmy yum!

mama and his brother

they're bored waiting :0

mom and dad

yee sang

main gaul2 ;)

family photo :)

isdatul ckap "sexyback" :D

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