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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

iniANWARhadi frenzy :)

okay yeah.
last week while browsing on the net,
suddenly i was like eh???
knapa friends aku semua like and post video sama.
like who is that erh? -,-

ini mesti disiasat ni (CSI hazirah on-the-go go :D)
ohhh i see.
rupanya he's a guy from kedah who post videos about his thoughts on you tube.
well i must say.
im impress la, video dea none yg bosan :)
creative gila like hell.
well, you're kinda cute face too anwar hadi, hihi.
so that's all i have to say.
i rest my case :D
i'll be sharing his video link to you guys.
watch it, its cool :D
ohh and while watching the video, jgn lupa ttup lagu dkat bottom of my page yeah.
bye bye love :)

p/s: more video lain just search 'inianwarhadi' at youtube :)

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