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Sunday, May 22, 2011

seremban to subang jaya to one utama to seremban :)

hey peeps.
erh today was SO awesomeeeeeeeee x)
well i think its because, hari last pergi shopping and spoil myself right?
okay, i DRIVE all the way to subang.
jumpa aunt, played with the dogs.
yes i said DOGS, don't make me say thrice. haha
tak salahkan main asalkn tak basah? hohoho

and bla bla bla.
went to one utama.
ohh HELL it was HEAVEN 0:)
as usual,
  • baskin robbins satuuuuu-cookies cream ice cream with sprinkles. yummy!
  • bought cherry blossom eau de toilette from bodyshop (is it right to spell the EDT?)
  • maybelline magnum mascara.
  • eye makeup remover.

while jalan JALAN jalan JALAN and more jalan jalan.
i saw STICKY shop.

okay bukan MELEKIT shop ye rkan2. its actually a candy shop. hahaha ;)
sedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap -,-
maybe aku ni agak terlebih over and terbawak2 nak pergi matriks pahang nnty.
boleh pulak nk beli stock sticky bawak sana,
alasan nk beli-belajar la, nk glucose! :D
errr. buang masa je aku ckp kt sini.
the main point crita pasal sticky2 ni is YOU GUYS need to try some of those sticky.
dah la sedap, cantik pulak tu.
boleh ke dpt sticky candy free if promote kat sini? hahaha ;)

anyway, thats it for today.
and i guess this is the last blog update i'll be posting from seremban.
so sad but what to do T,T
hm thanks guys. love you

             cantik kan their candy's?

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