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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

what's up with my new life?

assalamualaikum and greetings dear readers.
okay, i admit.
it been since awhile that i updated my last post in my blog.
mana tak nye, bila nak tulis je......

tapi dgn semangatnye menulis semula kerna mendapat sambutan hangat.
wooohooot, thanks guys!
*blushing sebentar, hihihi.

lets start the story with ONCE UPON A TIME...
hazirah teh gets an offer from harvard university, wow??!?
okay, pause it right there. maybe i lie a little. or maybe like a lot -,-
fine. just an offer to a matriculation college in pahang.
whooooooaaaa, pahang??
yup, that's right mate, pahang alright.

at first sight, i was like hmmmmmm, pahang? what the fish!!
dad said, "think postive, just have a look first hazirah"
i was like, nodding my head and face down :/
ohhh how devastating it was for me.
i really look forward in further my studies in A level but maybe ada hikmah kan?

it wasn't so good for me at first.
lagi2 time pendaftaran which was 23rd of May.
and my birthday is suppose-to-be on the 24th.
fine, i tell you. it was shit. totally shit. sigh. -________________-
no hanging out. no birthday cake. no everything. absolute nothing.

butt. eh not butt, but BUT lah,
everything started to change when i met my fellow classmates.
i tell you, they were all A.W.E.S.O.M.E
we did many stupid thing although our faces were like an angel 0:)
okay cut out, shortcut the story.
................................. and now we are here.
you guys reading my clumsy, smelly cheese stick stories.

i'll post another story about my adventurous life.
do add me in twitter and i'll be on 24/7 waiting ;)
bye guys.
with love
p/s:my twitter acc- ieraTRANCE

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